We Offer Auto Repair and Auto Maintenance Services for All Makes and Models

  • We offer all mechanical, electrical, computer, and diagnostic services as well as all the maintenance services your car, light truck or van would ever need.

    At Four Star Auto Service, our ASE Certified Technicians have years of experience on handling any auto repair and maintenance service for your vehicle.

    Our focus is on our commitment to providing exceptional auto service at reasonable rates to our valued customers. We take pride in hiring only trustworthy, knowledgeable technicians and staff that mirror our company's philosophy. We want to gain customers that will be customers for life, not just for a one-time service. To keep your business, we know that we must deliver the highest quality service and a reasonable price.

    From bumper to bumper, we have you covered. Our highly trained mechanics utilize the very latest in automotive repair technology for a fast turnaround time, ensuring you spend less time in the shop, and more time on the road.

  • You Can Count On Four Star Auto Service
    • Full Service Auto Repair
    • Foreign & Domestic Makes & Models
    • ASE Certified Technicians
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Our Services

    • Auto Repair
    • Anti-Lock Brakes
    • Cabin Air Filters
    • Air Conditioning
    • Alternators & Starters
    • Batteries
    • Brakes & Rotors
    • Belts & Hoses
    • Clutch Repair
    • Exhaust System & Mufflers
    • Fuel System
    • Heating & Cooling Systems
    • Oil Changes & Lube
    • Transmission Services
    • Steering & Suspension
    • Water Pumps & Radiators
    • Diagnostics
    • And Much More!

Four Star Auto Service offers all services for your car

Oil & Filter Change

We include a full safety inspection with our oil and filter services. It is like getting a quarterly checkup on your vehicle while it is getting its oil changed! We check all your fluids, tire pressures, undercar and under hood safety checks as well.

Finally we make sure all your lights are functioning and put a reminder sticker on the windshield so there will never be a doubt when it's due next. Then when you are due for your next service we'll mail you out a reminder card so you won't forget to get this critical service done.

We currently offer our oil changes starting at $29.95, using high quality oil and NAPA oil filters (not including sales tax or disposal fees). We purposely do not have a fast lube bay, preferring to use our ASE-certified professionals for oil services instead of an untrained quick-lube employee. We feel its false economy to use sub-standard parts or to put someone under your car who knows nothing about it other than where the oil filter and drain are located. Part of what you should be getting for your oil change money is a complete periodic under-car inspection, done with the intent of identifying and warding off possible problems. An underpaid, unskilled quick-lube worker just isn't a good enough mechanic to help you protect your investment.


We are a full service tire dealer that can pair you up with the very best tires for your style of driving, at the very best prices.

We do include free tire rotations for the life of the tires at no additional charge.

Check out our Tires page to see the current sales and rebates

Cooling System Service

We perform full cooling system flushes rather than just a drain and fill because we feel it's better to remove any debris from the bottom of the engine with the flush, and then refill with the proper type of coolant. There are many new types of coolants today depending on the make and year of your vehicles, and we always use the correct coolant for your vehicle.

Cooling system service on a regular basis as determined by the manufacturers will give the longest life to all the parts of the cooling system - radiator, heater core, water pump, hoses, etc. For trouble free driving in the heat of the summer as well as the sub-zero temperatures of our winters, keep your cooling system services up to date.

Transmission Services

There are now 2 different types of transmission services available for most automatic transmissions. Sometimes you may need one or the other, sometimes you may need both. We know, we'll help you keep your transmission trouble free for as long as possible. They are expensive to replace, it's better to maintain them for longest life.

Transmission Flush

We are able to do a complete transmission fluid flush that replaces all you transmission fluid with fresh fluid with our state of the art T-Tech Flush Machine. We only use the correct replacement fluids - not one fluid to fit all and a can of additive as some others may do.

Transmission Filter Service

We change the transmission filters and pan gaskets when required for each vehicle. As transmissions change and service methods and machines change, some filters are no longer accessible to change. They are internal to the transmission. Again, ask us, we know!


We can perform complete tune-ups on all cars and light trucks at the recommended intervals. Those intervals vary greatly depending on the type of spark plugs (regular versus platinum), ignition systems, and make and model of the vehicle. Call us! We can let you know the recommended tune up intervals for your specific car or truck.

Air Conditioning

We have all it takes to make sure you have the "coolest" car in town! We can retrofit cars equipped with R-12 (the old stuff) and do complete services on cars equipped with R-134. We do complete repairs, recharging, and also retrofitting when applicable so that your classic car can use the newest, most environmentally safe technology around.

Brake Repair

We can do any and all brake repairs on cars and light trucks. We also repair ABS systems as well as Trac Control systems with the latest equipment and information. We will have to do a brake inspection before we can give any accurate estimates for repairs, because we need to do precise measurements and compare them to vehicle specific specifications to get the list of needed parts and services.