Four Star Auto Service's Car Care Tips

Some Helpful Car Care Tips

We are your car car experts, so we wanted to help you out with some helpful tips that will get you the best mileage, give the least troublesome driving, help you get the longest life out of your vehicle, and be reassured of the safest possible travel in your vehicle. Following the links to these tips will protect you and your investment!

Follow this link to access our all of our Auto Tips Videos Four Star Auto Tips Videos or scroll down for some of the more popular and helpful tips.

Air Conditioning Service

Discussion on Air Conditioning Services

Follow this link to watch this video on Air Conditioning Services

Keys To A Long Lasting Vehicle

Keys to a Long Lasting Vehicle

Click this link to view this really helpful video report that helps you understand why preventive maintenance is truly needed.

Brake Service

Brake problems to look for - learn about your brakes to see when you may need service

Brake Service Video

Cabin Air Filters

Many cars now have cabin air filters. You may think that they are important for summer driving, but it is even more critical to have them checked and replaced if necessary. Watch the video at this link to learn more.

Cabin Air Filter Report

Severe Service Requirements

Ever wonder what the difference between Severe Service and Normal Service requirements are? What circumstances are required for your car to be considered Severe Service? Watch this video and see. Severe Service Requirements . (It is the second video on this page in our blog)


What's the difference between Snow (Winter) tires and the Mud + Snow tires? Which do I need?

Winter Tires Video

How much air should I put in my tires

Cooling System

Simple checks can keep your car running cool the whole year long. My car is overheating, what should I do?